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. >> keene sure that they get the best education that they can get in our school. they making sure >> catherine: a parent teacher group may now launched yet another fund- raiser. san hope police are investigating. >> catherine: testified on capitol hill, a top intelligence official says the fact the u.s. spies on foreign leaders is a given. assets other countries absolutely spied on us. jim skied off toll has more. jim sciutto has more >> reporter: and the wake of asian team at the navy yard in washington that killed 12 people, the homeland's security committee has sharp criticism for department of homeless security. it is a fundamental giving and it all intelligence sector. no matter what you are talking about that the the military leaders as well. >> reporter: anchoring america's closest friend for security gains. is it worth the risk to have that type of blow backed? >> reporter: millions of called from france and spain say that they are completely false. to be perfectly clear this is not information that we selected on your pants and since it represents an affirmation that we a
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1